Two weeks ago all I could see was the list. My car was covered in bird poo. I mean covered! My yard needed mowing. The laundry room looked like a dirty-clothes bomb had gone off, the dishes, the vacuuming. Working full time. The LIST. All I could see was that never ending, soul-sucking, growing-like-an-at-home-science-experiment-gone-wrong list!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then something happened. I went to the beach. I found a small spec of beach surrounded by water and rocks with no people and claimed it. Every day for almost a week, I sat on the shore and listened to the waves. I love that sound. It calms me. It nurtures me. It reminds me of Who is in control, and it sure as heck isn’t me!

I’m not at the beach anymore. And guess what? My car is covered in bird poo. The yard is mowed, but the garden has a week’s worth of weeds to remove. The laundry room isn’t as cluttered but only because some of it is on the line and the rest is on the spare bed still needing to be folded and put away. Nothing’s changed with the list except maybe my perspective. A week away is good for that – giving perspective. So is a tragedy, sudden illness, loss. Trust me, I’d much rather perspective come through a vacation. Taking a break from life as I know it, lets me see what my real problems are and what they aren’t. The truth is, there’s always going to be a list. But I need to start actively stepping back and realizing none of those things really matter. No, I can’t go to the beach every day. I can, however, sit down, breathe deeply and enjoy the view wherever I am. I can also remember Who is in control. And thankfully, it isn’t me.

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  1. Boy isn’t that the truth. Perspective is everything and sometimes we need to step back and adjust our perspective.

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